Knife: Mr. Knife. (Viviona)

Fragmentation grenades: Herashio. (EPICGAMING king1)

Flash bangs: Herashio. (EPICGAMING king1)

Claymore: Jack. (EPICGAMING king1)

Plasma grenades: Sheila. (Viviona)

C-4: Jake. (EAGLE DEATH)

Weapons: ~Nameless~ (EPICGAMING king1 & EAGLE DEATH)


Red Elite: Frank. (No one)

Grunts: Little Jimmy. (No one)

Jackals: Little Jimmy. (No one)

Bosses: Pigeons. (No one)

Master Chief: Mister Chef. (EPICGAMING king1 & EAGLE DEATH)

Arbiter: Turbitar. (EPICGAMING king1 & EAGLE DEATH)

The Monitor: Lightbulb. (No one)

NPC Allies: Crows. (No one)


Tanks/Wraiths: Taylor. ()

Warthogs/Mongooses: Jonathan. ()

Ghosts: Charlie. ()

Banshees: Wallace. ()


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